Whispering Pines Revetment

Preventing riverbank erosion.

The Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band’s lands are located 35 km north of Kamloops, along the banks of the North Thompson River. Several sections of the shoreline are eroding, and the Band wanted a solution to protect the riverbank.

Working as a team, Urban Systems and Thurber developed a riverbank revetment design for about 1 km of the right bank of the North Thompson River. Urban Systems was responsible for the hydrotechnical design, and Thurber was responsible for the geotechnical aspects design. Thurber’s input involved confirming that there was proper filter compatibility between the subgrade and the riprap, assessing backfill materials, and providing input on construction methodology. The design and construction methodology of the bank revetment was refined during a series of collaboration sessions with Thurber, Urban Systems, Band representatives, and the contractor.

During construction, Thurber provided construction materials testing to ensure the fill conformed to our specifications and was installed following proper methodologies.

Construction is now complete on the first section of the riverbank armouring program. Riprap protects the bank from erosion, and a willow brush layer was installed midway up the riprap slope. In a few months, the banks will be home to native willows, making the armouring look more natural while providing homes for animals, birds, and insects.