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Land Development

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Before construction begins, we must understand the land. Thurber’s environmental engineers assess the site conditions and provide remediation suggestions if needed. Our hydrogeologists look at the groundwater to prevent contamination, and they help design systems to manage water flow and prevent erosion or flooding. Our geotechnical engineers determine if the ground is suitable for construction by assessing factors including stability, settlement potential, and the risk of landslides and soil liquefaction. We provide oversite during construction including quality assurance, construction monitoring, and compliance verification.

We have extensive experience with land development projects arising from both urban expansion and infill development on marginal land. Our aim is to help our clients ensure the safety and longevity of their structures.

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Royal Bay Development

Royal Bay is an oceanside community in Colwood, BC. Formerly a gravel quarry, it's been transformed into a vibrant community with homes, pathways, and amenities. As geotechnical-engineer-of record, Thurber has been involved in geotechnical investigations, reclamation, and development activities on the site since the early 2000s.