Marine Development

Marine Development


Solving complex aquatic and shoreline challenges

Marine developments pose special geotechnical and environmental challenges such as unpredictable soil conditions, difficult access, and regulatory requirements. Equipment must often work over water, which requires specialized techniques to collect representative data or remediate contaminated shores. Marine developments also require proper selection of construction materials to ensure durability in wet and salty environments.

Thurber has extensive geotechnical, environmental, and materials testing experience with breakwaters, jetties, bridges, docks, marinas, ferry terminals, offshore structures, and flood mitigation dikes.

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Marysville Ferry Terminal

The village of Marysville sits on an island that is connected to Kingston, Ontario by a ferry. An upgrade to the terminal will allow for an electric ferry that can carry more cars to the popular island. Thurber provided the preliminary and detailed geotechnical design, foundation engineering, and construction inspection services. The project presented a number of interesting geotechnical challenges: variable depth bedrock, liquefaction concerns, soft lakebed sediment, and dense glacial till deposit with frequent boulders.