Ultrasonic Pulse Echo: a non-destructive way to test concrete

Thurber’s hardened concrete assessment capabilities have expanded to include Ultrasonic Pulse Echo (UPE) with the purchase of a new Pundit 8050. UPE is a type of non-destructive testing (NDT) that uses acoustic stress waves to study the properties of sub-surface layers within hardened concrete. It locates defects by identifying any anomalies to the acoustical impedance (the resistance to the passage of soundwaves) that are different from concrete.

Incorporating UPE into hardened concrete assessments can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand while better defining the extent of concrete distresses or defects.

A more accurate assessment can help lower repair and maintenance costs.

UPE testing can be completed on hardened concrete to identify voids, delaminations, honeycombing, bonding. It estimates thickness, strength based on wave velocity, and provides imaging of closely spaced rebars. It is a great assessment tool for bridges, buildings, parkades, pre-cast concrete elements, and culturally sensitive buildings where destructive test methods may not be ideal.

UPE is just one of several non-destructive testing methods we use at Thurber. Learn more about all our testing methods here.