Tackling potholes and assessing pavement conditions using automation

Whether it’s a road, a parking lot, or an airport runway, Thurber works with municipalities, airports, provincial agencies, and private clients to help maintain paved surfaces. Our services help our clients plan for the immediate and future needs of their pavement in the most cost-effective way possible.

We offer our clients accurate, verifiable, and safe pavement assessments using machine learning. A series of high-resolution 360° cameras and LiDAR mounted video captures footage of the pavement at all angles. The technology we use identifies and maps cracks and other anomalies. Thurber then provides engineering assessments and recommendations to help our clients plan repairs to keep traffic running smoothly.

This service is available out of any of our locations. For more information about our pavement services, visit our Pavement Engineering page or contact Michael Navarra at mnavarra@Thurber.ca