building engineering


Good building design ensures the most effective use of a site and, at the same time, limits impacts on the local environment both during and after construction. This frequently creates geotechnical challenges like high foundation loads or deep excavations that require shoring and underpinning to protect nearby structures.

transportation engineering


Canada’s size and geographical diversity create challenges for National, Inter-Provincial, and Municipal transportation infrastructure. From highways, to railways, to seaports, airports, and urban light-rail transit, Thurber has provided geotechnical engineering and environmental services for major transportation infrastructure projects across Canada.

municipal infrastructure engineering

Municipal Infrastructure

Municipal infrastructure is the backbone of our urban centres and, in many cities, aging pipes require upgrading and replacement. Thurber has provided design input for water and wastewater treatment plants, lagoons, water supply and effluent disposal pipelines/tunnels, landfills, and power transmission lines.

land development engineering

Land Development

Unlocking the full land development potential of difficult sites requires the ability to solve some of the most challenging geotechnical and environmental problems. Thurber’s professionals have extensive experience with land development projects arising from both urban expansion and infill development on marginal land.

natural resources engineering

Natural Resources

Modern natural resource development projects aim to enhance productivity while reducing environmental impact. Thurber has extensive experience in the resource industry and can help you achieve these goals. Our projects range from pipelines, to mines, to forestry development, oil sands and LNG development.

industrial engineering


Industrial projects often involve complex static and dynamic loading. Thurber’s unique set of geotechnical engineering skills and experience allows us to provide solutions for these kinds of problems. Our role in industrial projects typically extends beyond foundation design to developing all aspects of plant site infrastructure.

dams & water resource engineering

Dams & Water Resources

Water is one of Canada’s most abundant and valuable resources. Thurber offers extensive services related to managing water supply, power generation, and irrigation. We regularly perform dam safety reviews to ensure compliance and/or to determine upgrade requirements to meet current standards.

marine engineering


Marine developments pose special geotechnical challenges. Site investigation equipment must often work over water, which requires specialized techniques to collect representative data. Thurber has extensive design and construction experience with breakwaters, jetties, bridges, docks, marinas and ferry terminals.

environmental engineering


The current regulatory climate imposes stringent responsibilities and liabilities on business and land owners. Our scientists and engineers maintain an up-to-date knowledge of regulations and have multi-disciplinary expertise which enhances our ability to conduct site assessments and soil remediation projects.

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