Natural Resources & Renewables

Natural Resources & Renewables


Laying the foundations for oil and natural gas projects

From pipelines moving oil and natural gas from the producer to the refinery, to the solar and wind turbine generators and hydroelectric dams that supply us with renewable energy, we support developers and operators from project development through construction and operations. We provide geotechnical, environmental, instrumentation, and materials testing services that assist with site selection, design, construction, maintenance, and site remediation.

Our services include confirming a project’s feasibility given the soil conditions, soil electrical resistivity and conductivity testing for solar and wind farms, environmental site assessments and remediation, and foundation design recommendations prior to construction. We offer construction monitoring services during and after construction, and provide specialized laboratory testing services to verify soil stability, material choice, and more.

When working with pipeline, transmission line, and hydroelectrical clients, we help with terrain assessment, geohazard mitigation, and route selection. We work in all sorts of terrain including high mountains, steep valleys, and flowing rivers.

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TransMountain Pipeline Expansion Project

The TransMountain Pipeline Expansion Project (TMEP) is twinning the existing pipeline that extends from Sherwood Park, AB to Burnaby, BC. Thurber provided geotechnical monitoring services during construction for two spreads. This included engineering support, metal leaching/acid rock drainage assessment, geohazards review, vibration monitoring, trenchless tunneling investigation and design input, slope stabilization, retaining wall design, and erosion control.