Our Areas Of Expertise

We provide geotechnical, environmental, construction materials engineering and testing services on a wide variety of projects for many industries across Canada. With more than 60 years of experience, we are consistently recognized for the quality of our work and our people, and for conducting our business with integrity. Each of our offices specializes in serving its regional environment and has the professional skill and facilities to accommodate the local conditions.

environmental engineering


Thurber’s environmental scientists and technologists oversee the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites in the context of due diligence, land development and provincial certification.

geotechnical engineering


Thurber provides a complete range of geotechnical services including site investigations, geo-hazard assessment, foundation design, slope stability engineering, seismic design, deformation analysis, testing and monitoring.

material engineering


Thurber’s engineers and technologists provide consulting for the selection and design of construction materials to achieve or increase the design service life of structural components and to determine conformance to project specifications.


Our instrumentation engineers work with our geotechnical, materials, and environmental engineers to monitor ground conditions such as soil deformation, groundwater levels, and stress/strain to help mitigate risk during and after construction.


Thurber provides a comprehensive suite of hydrogeological services, either stand-alone or in conjunction with geotechnical investigation, including construction dewatering assessments, water taking permitting, groundwater management programs, contaminant hydrogeology, and many more, for a wide variety of infrastructure and development projects.

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